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IEBC Requirements for Independent Candidates 2022


IEBC Requirements for Independent Candidates 2022

Requirements for Elective Post

NOTICE is hereby given to the public on the qualifications and requirements for candidates contesting for elective positions together with nominees to Party Lists in the upcoming General Election scheduled to be held on 9th August 2022

General Requirments 

  • A Clearance Certificate from the Registrar of Political Parties certifying that the person was not a member of any political party for the last 3 months before the elections; i.e. as at 9thAugust, 2022 (Regulation 15(a) (General) Regulations, 2012
  • A soft and a hard copy of a list of at least 2000 supporters for President, 500 supporters for Governor, 2000 supporters for Senate, 1000 supporters for National Assembly (including Woman County Representatives) and 1000 supporters for Ward County Assembly in the prescribed form, submitted to the Commission.
  • A duly filled Form of Intention to Contest in the prescribed form (Regulation 15(b) (General) Regulations, 2012
  • A symbol the candidate intends to use during the election, which has been approved by the Commission 21 days before Commission Day
  • Establish and maintain a functioning office in the respective electoral area where the candidate is contesting, which must be available for inspection by the Commission at least 45 days before the elections. The address, including the physical address of the office, must be communicated to the Commission


A nomination paper submitted by an Independent Candidates to the Commission shall;

  • Contain the candidate’s name as it appears in the Register of Voters.
  • Be signed by the candidate, proposer and seconded who shall be voters registered in the respective electoral area.
  • The Proposer and Seconder shall not be members of any political party
  • Show the respective electoral area for the proposer and Seconder.
  • Be delivered to the returning officer personally by the candidates himself or herself or by a person authorised by the candidates on the date set for nominations for that election.
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