Infinix S2 Pro Finally in Kenya, Introduces us to the Wefie Camera


    Infinix S2 Pro is the latest smartphone from Infinix in Kenya. It is a successor to Infinix Hot S which entered the Kenyan market in 2016.

    Infinix Hot S did not disappoint and that explains the excitement and buzz around Infinix S2 Pro.

    You can order the handset on Jumia and you only have to part with Ksh. 15,699.

    The handset is reasonably priced; hence, we cannot dwell on the price much. At least we can spare that time and talk about the wefie camera.

    What’s in the wefie camera?

    This has become a major selling point for S2 Pro and rightly so since this is an innovation.

    Before we get into the whole wefie business, it’s good to point out that S2 Pro comes with dual-front facing a 13MP camera and an 8MP camera. This is the feature of interest.

    The 13MP rear camera is awesome but it will not be the focus of this section.

    The two front facing cameras do no work together as is the case with other cameras: they work independently to achieve different results.

    The 8MP camera comes with a wide-angle lens which makes it possible or easier to have more people in the photos; hence, the label ‘Wefie’.

    On the other hand, the 13MP camera is just like any other selfie smartphone camera. So worry not selfie lovers, you will still be able to take normal selfies.

    S2 Pro out of the box

    It’s always good to have an idea of what to expect in the box. Below is the list:
     Infinix S2 pro handset
     A pair of earphones
     Screen Protector
     USB cable data transfer and charging
     Charging adapter
     SIM ejector tool
     User manual

    Earlier I had written an article on the key specs of S2 Pro; hence, you can always refer to the article for reference purposes.

    The good?

    The wefie is definitely a welcome innovation. It’s a new experience and the buzz around it makes it even more enviable.

    The wide camera angles had raised the front camera technology to another level; hence, we can only expect better camera technologies from other smartphone manufacturers.

    The fingerprint recognition is cool too.

    Apart from unlocking S2 Pro, it supports several fingerprint-based apps and is able to unlock certain software via a fingerprint.

    The result is a comprehensive protection of personal information.

    If you are not sold on the whole idea of the bigger the better (with regard to smartphones of Couse), S2 Pro is an okay option.

    The 5.2-inch display screen will meet your needs well. The 2.5D glass mounted on the screen gives it a sleekish look and feel.

    The design is also okay. But we would not expect less from Infinix since it has a history of manufacturing gorgeous handsets. The Ksh. 15,699 handset has a premium look.

    Maybe the only thing that we could have frowned upon is the Android Marshmallow but an Android Nougat update has been announced.

    The update is currently being rolled out.

    This comes at a time when the Hong Kong-based smartphone manufacturer is also rolling out Nougat updates for Infinix Hot S, Infinix Zero 4 and Zero 4 Plus, INfinix Hot 4, among others.

    Overall, S2 Pro has revolutionized the camera technology as it has introduced a concept that makes us want to get our hands on it.

    If and when I get my hands on the handset, I will definitely do a full review.

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