Jeff Koinange takes his show to rival TV station


    After  KTN canceled his show the legendary talk show host has taken JKL to a rival station.Jeff Koinange could have been a toxic substance to KTN, however, he’s certainly a yummy steak for other TV stations urgent to expand evaluations.The veteran

    The veteran Journalist was kicked out of KTN taking after the appalling occurrence that happened on Jeff Koinange Live on 17 November 2016. (Where Miguna viciously assaulted Esther Passaris saying that she was excessively lovely that men needed, making it impossible to assault her.)

    KTN’s decision to kick Jeff out was preceded by Standard Editor, David Ohito, telling viewers that Standard Group had taken action against Jeff Koinange.
    David Ohito said on Press Pass three days before Jeff announced that JKL would no longer be airing on KTN but on rival station NTV.

    Details of when JKL will be up and running on NTV are still scanty.

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