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Youth Employment Opportunities in Kenya


Youth employment opportunities are hard to come by in Kenya.

A while back the hashtag #JobCrisisKE was trending on Twitter in Kenya, and one of the most profound comments under the tag was, ‘It is easier for a chopper to land on your head than get a job in Kenya’.

This sad reality is even worse for Form four leavers and fresh graduates who have so much free time in their hands but don’t know what next.

Here are some full and part-time Youth Employment Opportunities:

1. Volunteering

Volunteer opportunities in Kenya for youths are so many; the only problem is most people do not want to do anything for free.

Note that as a young person, it is of more value to volunteer in NGOs, companies, institutes and learn the skills, and then, later on, you can trade your skills for the money.

Even better is the connections and contacts you get to make in the course of your work.

Organizations such as the Red Cross, Onward Kenya, Youth Alive and Peace Ambassadors Kenya are always looking for volunteers.

2. Start A Business

Where will the money come from? Youth Enterprise Development Fund!

This fund was specifically set up so that Kenyan youths could access loans to facilitate their business ideas.

Take advantage of such opportunities, it is even easier to get the loan if you apply as a group.

The YEDF is one of Kenya youth empowerment projects, also providing mentorship, guidance, consultation in case you are not sure how to go about it.

For loan application forms and instructions, check the YEDF website.

Additionally, Ministry of gender and youth affairs in Kenya provides further support for upcoming youth enterprise with the Uwezo Fund.

3. Join a Youth Organization

The number of youth organizations in Kenya that young people can join are limitless.

A good example is Youth Alive Kenya which also has exchange programs that not only give you ground experience in organizing and working with fellow youths but also exposes you to new environments and challenges.

Youth Alive Kenya contacts and program application forms can be found on their website.

4. Use Your Talents and Skills To Make Money

Can you write? Then get writing opportunities and start working! If you are a good painter, artist, host, there are opportunities awaiting if you look closer.

Even better, do you have technical skills like a good tailor, a good mason, a good cook? Then look out for people and organizations who would do with some of your skills!

Also, with technical skills, you could get a job as a polytechnic instructor! You never know how far what you can do can get you, the secret is starting.

Always be on the lookout for vacancies focusing on the skills you already possess.

5. Get Internship

The best way to start out in your dream career is by interning in a relevant organization.

This way, you get to learn the skills first hand from people who are already doing what you’d like to do with yourself.

There are internship opportunities that pay, and those that don’t.

At the end of the day, however, it is more important to gain the experience first, then get the money later.

In any case, it is less likely for an employer to pay a person with zero skills to do a job.

Getting a job in Kenya may be tough, but if you try out the above-mentioned ideas, you’d find it easier walking that road.

The most important thing is starting out; don’t over think it, just start. The rest will follow.

Maybe it’s time to stop saying that youth employment opportunities in Kenya are few since there is always something we can do.

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peter prisma
peter prisma
3 years ago

thanks hoping I will be well