Job Search- How To Know It Is Time To Stop


    You put down the pen after your last paper on campus, and eagerly walked into the ‘outside world’, confident of the infinite possibilities promised to you by friends and relatives.

    Years later, you are still knocking on doors. It moved from asking for jobs to begging for jobs. Anything.
    It could be time for you to stop and reflect.

    Here are signs you need to pause your job search;

    1. Recruiters Totally Ignore You
    Not even the ‘we are sorry to inform you’ emails. Nothing. It is like you never sent an email at all. It is time to stop, go over your CV once again, rethink your strategies.

    2. Family Stopped Bothering With You
    Your family long gave up on any possibilities of you getting a job.

    They no longer pay you attention, and sometimes you even feel you have become a burden to them.

    Stop the hunt, go back to your family, sit down with them and have a chat over your predicament. Listen to what they might have to say.

    3. Your Friends Distance Themselves From You
    Sometimes people distance themselves from you because they are tired of your complaining or whining, or because you make them feel like they are living the dream because they have jobs, which they are probably not.

    If you feel avoided, maybe you should pause, breathe for a moment, and recollect yourself to see how you can amend your relationships with those you care about.

    4. You are Sinking Into Depression
    This should be the final warning sign that you need to stop.

    If you go crazy, you reduce chances of getting employment because who wants a crazy employee? Your mental health should be of utmost priority.

    Getting jobs in Kenya is becoming tougher as years go by, a number of graduates continue flooding the job market. If you are still jobless, you should, however, not give up.

    But, do not go crazy looking for one. In between taking breaks, start a business, volunteer. These could also provide employment opportunities.

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