Jubilee Mole? Robert Alai Was Invited to State House and Kenyans Have Started Talking


    rob1Controversial blogger and consistent Jubilee critic Robert Alai was invited to State House yesterday.

    Alai was part of a panel at the State House Energy Summit where members of the public, stakeholders, heads of energy parastatals as well as the Energy Cabinet Secretary interacted on the latest happenings in the energy sector.

    It was a surprise to see Alai, a sworn government enemy, seated just a few feet from the president himself.


    At some point, Uhuru even mentioned him by name saying, “I never thought I would ever agree with (Robert) Alai, ever.”

    This was on a point Alai had raised on independent power suppliers.

    As expected, the blogger’s presence would lead to a debate online. Here are some of the comments that followed after pictures were posted on the President’s Facebook page.

    Source: Nairobi Wire