Kellen Beatrice Kanze Dena who is currently the depute statehouse of Kenya spokesperson is the former TV anchor at citizen television.  President Uhuru Kenyatta on June 5 appointed renowned Citizen TV anchor Kellen Beatrice Kanze Dena popularly known as Kanze Dena the new Deputy State House Spokesperson and Deputy Head of the Presidential Strategic Communication Unit (PSCU). Dena will take leadership of digital, messaging, research, branding and press. She has been tasked with putting the focus on President Uhuru’s brand positioning, messaging and media relations with respect to getting to the Big-Four agenda.

Kanze Dena Age

Kanze Dena, as she is popularly known, is a  fourth born in a family of six.  If you want to know about Kanze Dena’s age, the news director, producer and Swahili news anchor was born in 1979, now aged 39 years old.

Kanze who stars alongside Lulu Hassan on Ctizen TV’s ‘Nipashe’ was born of Duruma parents in Kwale but had her primary and secondary education in Embu County.

She went to Kianjokoma Promary School before joining Kyeni Girls.

She would later study journalism and mass communication in Foundation Collage of Professional Studies.

Difficult life to glory

In what she says began when her father left her to a single mother at the age of four, Kanze’s life has not been a smooth one.

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She gave birth to her first born child Natasha after high school, opting to give her out for adoption.  In an emotional interview at a local Radio station, Kanze narrated how she rescinded the decision at the advice of her mother.

In a separate interview, she has owed her low esteem and alcoholism to have led to the pregnancy.

Natasha went to stay with her grandmother in Mombasa as Kanze continued with her Media studies in Nairobi.

Three months later Natasha died.

The death of her daughter, she says pushed her to the brink of suicide. Depression kicked in after three foiled suicide attempts.

Later she joined Nairobi Baptist Church where she found solace and rediscovered herself through counselling.

It is here where she joined the Bible study classes and the praise and worship team.

Kanze Dena’s Work

Her stint as a journalist began at Kenya Broadcasting Corporation as an intern. Honing her skills as a radio reporter.

While at KBC she had her second child. Misfortune would kick in a year later when her mother died of cancer.

Much has changed since then, she is now married whilst co-parenting with the father of her six-year-old son.

In her new role, she will take over the leadership of digital, messaging, research, branding and press at State House.

Dena was brought up by a single mother after her father left the family when she was just four years old.

Kanze Dena Education background

She was a student at Foundation College of Professional Studies where she partook a course on Journalism and Mass Communication

She is a former student of Kieni Girls High School

She went to primary school at Kianjokoma, now called St. Mathew’s

Kanze has been a News Anchor, News Director and Producer at Citizen Television

Formerly, she was a Newsreader at Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (radio)

She Interned at Kenya Broadcasting Corporation

Kanze Dena Family

Kanze Dena is a fourth born in a family of six children.

She gave birth to her first child, Natasha, after high school. While pregnant, her mother enrolled her to do a secretarial course.

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When her daughter was three months old, her mother moved with her to upcountry so that Kanze could concentrate on her exams but unfortunately, she passed on.

While in the Nairobi Baptist Church she got pregnant again. While she was three months pregnant, it seemed like she had a miscarriage when she got a sharp pain in the stomach and went to hospital but was told she was okay.

Kanze Dena’s Husband

Kanze Dena is happily married to a banana peddler and she believes that that’s where God has placed her.

Low self-esteem

Kanze Dena had low self-esteem issues earlier in her teen years. It all started while she was in primary school, when she noticed she was bow-legged and had a protruding tummy at that tender age.

She was looked down upon because of this, and this tormented her.

She went to primary school at Kianjokoma, now called St. Mathew’s

After high school, she started taking alcohol as a way to fit in and this is when she got pregnant. The baby died after three months and this saw her into depression.

She contemplated suicide, and slit her wrist but fortunately, her mother came to her rescue before any major harm occurred.

After high school, she started taking alcohol as a way to fit in and this is when she got pregnant.Dena later joined Nairobi Baptist Church where she found solace and rediscovered herself after thorough counselling. This greatly sufficed as she joined Bible Study classes and the praise and worship team.

 Her mother later fell ill upcountry and she was transferred to Nairobi for medication. On arrival, she fainted at Ambassador Centre and was rushed to the hospital where she was diagnosed with cancer which she succumbed to.

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