Kenya Police: New salary, Uniforms, Command Ranking Structure & Badges

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has authorized real changes in the structure, order, control and welfare of the National Police Service.


Talking when he got a team provide details regarding police changes at the Kenya School of Government in Nairobi on Thursday, President Kenyatta said the changes are gone for making the police “service that is respected” rather than “a force that is feared”.

The report arranged by the taskforce headed by Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i illuminates a variety of measures to bind together the Kenya Police and the Kenya Administration Police developments.

The Head of State clarified that the changes, running from the adjustments in structure and order, reconciliation of Regular and Administration Police, change of uniform, rebranding of universities, presentation of lodging stipends for junior officers, are intended to make the police drive more productive.

The changes will put blesses cops, particularly those in the lower positions, who have generally lived in congested houses with no alternative of living in places of their decision. The officers will now be paid house recompense and will live in spots of their decision.

“To solve the problem of housing police and prisons officers, and to better integrate them with the Kenyans they serve, the policy of mandatory and free housing for junior officers in institutional houses is hereby abolished. Instead, house allowances for all ranks of these officers will be provided,” said the Head of State.

President Kenyatta requested the National Treasury to factor in the new stipends in the supplementary spending plan. The Head of State said the changes are gone for raising the assurance of the security officers by enhancing their states of administration.

“They (changes) will elucidate and streamline summon and control, increment both responsibility and execution and they will make the police more than equivalent to the dangers that face our country,” said the President Kenyatta at the gathering gone to by all senior cops.

The President said the changes he revealed were the zenith of the changes he began when the Jubilee Government took office in 2013.

“When I took office in 2013 the National Police Service spending plan was marginally over Ksh 50 billion, today we have relatively multiplied the portion to nearly Ksh 100 billion substantially showing our duty to the change motivation,” said the President. He said the police benefit today has in excess of 5,000 vehicles in support of increment police portability and reaction.

The President likewise refered to alternate breakthroughs like the charge and control focus in Nairobi and Mombasa and in addition the expanded number of cops. On the redesign of the police, President Kenyatta coordinated the Interior CS and the Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet to dispense with cover and duplication in revealing capacities.

The President additionally said the Deputy Inspector General, Kenya Police Service will now center around open wellbeing and security while the Deputy Inspector General Administration Police Service will center around defensive and outskirt security and also fighting steers stirring and banditry.

With a specific end goal to take out waste and duplication, 39,680 KPS and 24,572 APS will be incorporated as General Duty Police Officers under the charge of the Deputy Inspector General Kenya Police Service.

“That will give us a sum of 64,252 Police Service General-obligation Police, given the brought together order we can expect better security for Kenyans,” said the President.

In the new agreement, the Deputy IG APS will be accountable for the Border Police Unit, at present known as the Rural Border Patrol Unit, whose center part will manage transnational dangers. The unit will be made out of 6,000 officers.

The Deputy IG APS will likewise be accountable for another unit that will coordinate the Security of Government Buildings (SGB) and the Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit (CIPU) which will have a sum of 13,053 officers.

The Deputy IG APS will likewise be accountable for another unit that will unite the Kenya Police Service Anti-Stock Theft Unit and the Administration Police Stock Theft Prevention Unit and its quality will be raised to 5,000 officers.

The President unveiled a unified police command as follows (i) One Regional Police Commander (RPC), (ii) One County Police Commander (CPC) (iii) One Sub County Police Commander (SPC), and (iv) Officer Commanding Police Station (OCS)/Ward Commander in charge of a Police Station and its Posts/ Patrol Bases.

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