Kenyan Celebrities rally to help Achieng Abura’s 23 year old son (photo)


    After close to three decades in the music industry Afro Jazz, Afro-fusion and Gospel artist Achieng Abura passed away.

    Many did not know about her son’s ailment and that he has been struggling with a heart condition.

    Before her death Achieng Abura was struggling to raised funds for her 23-year-old son to get specialised treatment abroad.

    Speaking during a Business Daily interview, Achieng disclosed that raising the 4 million shillings required to airlift her son to the UK had been an uphill battle.

    She said:

    “My son is 23. We discovered that he had a heart condition five years ago and so we’ve been treating that along with the sickle cell anemia.

    She added:

    He’s a clever boy, he got scholarships. He was supposed to have started last year in April, but just before that he was in ICU for over a month. But now doctors want to strengthen his heart. They can. ..Yes, only it’s in the UK. And we have to airlift him, which costs like Sh12 million and crazy things like that. The alternative is to have a doctor, a nurse, myself and him on business class for Sh4 million. So we are trying to raise Sh4 million.”

    Larry Madowo is spearheading the campgain and he wrote on his Facebook wall.

    Please support Achieng’ Abura’s son Prince get the treatment he needs. M-Pesa PayBill: 891300, Account: ABURA. 

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