KOT Roasts Jimmy Gait After “Yesu ndiye Sponsor ” Song Release


    After releasing the New song “Sponsor Ni Yesu” Jimmy Gait has found himself on the receiving end again.

    Last week a joke was making rounds on social media about predictions that a Kenyan Artist will release a song with such a title.

    After a week Jimmy Gait announced that he has a new song with the same title.

    The last time Jimmy Gait was a hot topic of national conversation, he had done a very lackluster cover of British singer Adele’s global hit Hello,(Adele Cover).

    He, however, stood his ground and sad that he liked the song and its flow that is why he decided to do his own cover.

    Jimmy Gait is a respected musician having released hits such as Muhadhara and Furifuri dance. 

    He, however, disappointing his fans this time by actually materializing a Facebook joke into a song.Many were shocked that a seasoned Gospel singer, decided to equate the Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to those dirty old men (in)famous for bedding STI-infected college girls in exchange for material luxuries.

    Many people are insinuating that Jimmy Gait is finding a media comeback after failing in the “Hello” shenanigans.He, however, was quoted saying that His songs originate from wisdom Above and no one has a mandate to judge his choice of words.

    By releasing a song of such a deplorable nature, Jimmy  Gait has demonstrated to the World, clearly, what a sorry mess he’s become and how he truly has lost it and sank to the lowest of lows in a bid to stir a conversation –

    The song is doing badly on YouTube as has so far only able managed to garner less than 70,000 views. Jimmy’s antics on his latest projects many of which seem to be spurred by fly off the wall ideas social media catchphrases than a determined,well-researched inspiration.

    Well, let’s wait for another hit from The King of Furi Furi.

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