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President Kenyatta Deletes ‘Dab Challenge’ Tweet and Other Trending Tech Topics This Week


Heard of the “Dab Challenge”? Well, President Kenyatta has deleted the “Dab Challenge” tweets after backlash from tweeps. For this and more, see below for this week’s trending tech topics:

1. The BYOB show airs

Finally, the long awaited BYOB TV show aired on Monday the 6th of February on KTN from 8 PM to 9 PM. Episode one introduced us to the 12 contestants and judges.

The theme of this episode was the importance of a business vision. It was an awesome show- enough to glue viewers and make them mark their calendars for the next episode.

2. KRA acquires iCMS system to curb tax evasion

Your days of tax evasion are now numbered you dodger!  Kenya Revenue Authority has acquired the integrated Customs Management System (iCMS) in a move to curb tax evasion. The new system replaced the obsolete Simba System.

3. Google brings WebVR to Chrome

It’s official, virtual reality is now on the web. Why? Any gadget running on Google Chrome is now a VR platform.

Google announced that WebVR has been added to Chrome and this essentially turns any device running on Chrome into a VR platform.

What this means is that you can now experience 360-degree photos, videos, and other types of content designed for VR headsets.

4. Ericson and IBM working on 5G network

If you though that Safaricom’s 4G was the finest, think again! A 5G network is in the works as Ericson and IBM have announced a breakthrough in the development of 5G network technology.

5. Uber revamped rider app

Uber has a resolve that won’t quit. Your revamped Uber app now comes with a “Where to” feature, upfront fare pricing, Snapchat filters, and friend locators.

6. Manchester United and Uber announce partnership

This partnership seeks to ensure that Kenyan football fans and Uber customers have access to exclusive content of Manchester United players and games.

A good example is behind the scenes activities of Manchester United players. This content will be accessed via the Uber app. This partnership will also give fans a chance to win a trip to Old Trafford-I bet this gets your attention.

7. Renault unveils new SUV model in Kenyan market

The French automobile manufacturer has unveiled the new Kadjar SUV into the highly competitive Kenyan market.

8. Facebook to replace your weather app

It seems like you will not need your weather app if you are a Facebook user. The social networking company is making your weather app obsolete as it is rolling out a weather forecast feature.

Soon, if this kind of quest continues, Facebook may become the only service human’s need. Mark my words.

9. USIU hosts tech women Conference

On 10th February, USIU-Africa Alumni Association partnered with TechWomen to host a tech conference. The theme was “She believed she could, so she did STEM”.

The conference sought to look at how Kenya can benefit if more women were engaged in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

10. President Kenyatta deletes ‘Dab Challenge’ Tweet

After pictures and videos of the President dabbing were published online, outrage and backlash happened.

The President urged people to engage in the #UhuruDabChallenge but this was not taken kindly as most accused the head of state of ignoring important issues at hand.

The dab challenge tweets from the President’s verified account were deleted but of course, the ever spying eyes of tweeps noticed.

The tweets read:

“The person or group whose picture or video gets the MOST likes, loves or retweets at the end of the remaining 5 days of the voter registration…”

“Will be rewarded for their patriotism, including visiting with me at state house”

Well, guess we won’t be dabbing to anything.

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