A KFC-Branded Huawei Smartphone Announced


    KFC has revised its menu by adding a spicy hot item to it. And no, we are not talking about food. It turns out that we now have a KFC-branded Huawei smartphone.

    This comes as a surprise. Weird yes, but kind of cool.

    The popular fast food chain has partnered with Huawei to release a limited edition smartphone called KFC edition Huawei Enjoy 7 Plus.

    The device was released to commemorate 30 years of the Chain’s operations in China.

    The best part yet?

    Colonel Sanders’ face is embossed on the back of the smartphone. Sanders is the KFC founder.

    KFC made the announcement on their page in Chinese but Google has been gracious enough to translate it into English. Albeit, below par.

    Below is the Google translation:

    # Kentucky China 30 years from 1987 to 2017, 30 years accompanied by the taste of the times, suck refers to the aftertaste! Kentucky together with Huawei joint cooperation, the introduction of Huawei Chang enjoy 7 Kentucky commemorative version of gorgeous struck! Commemorative Edition laser back carving, pre-installed Kentucky Super APP, with WOW member 10 thousand K gold, but also the first to experience k-music song function. Limited to 5000 will soon be on sale, waiting for you to grab!”

    This is probably not the best translation but who are we to judge? Someone actually translated “Ee mungu nguvu yetu” to “Ooh God of all creation” and we proudly sing it.

    In any case, the bottom line is that you get the point.

    The announcement comes alongside an introduction video. The video takes you back to 1987 when the first outlet opened in China to the present.

    The video features young people in a KFC restaurant sharing music via the handset’s music app (and of enjoying the crispy tasty chicken).

    What Specs does the KFC-Branded Huawei Smartphone Sport?

    The KFC smartphone is a younger sister to Huawei Enjoy 7 Plus, a mid-range smartphone available in select markets.

    The smartphone comes with a 5.5-inch screen with a 720p display.

    It sports a Snapdragon 435, 12MP camera, and 3GB RAM.

    It comes with a fingerprint sensor mounted on the back of the device and is powered by a 3,020 battery unit.

    That’s not all:

    The handset comes with a KFC-branded pre-installed music app that allows you to create and share playlists in KFC restaurants.

    The KFC-Huawei Partnership a Good Idea?

    Why not?

    Smartphones and food are two great joys in life. The best part is that people love chicken, especially the KFC chicken. Overpriced yes, but still “finger-lickin’ good”.

    The love for KFC’s crispy chicken and that of smartphones makes one hell of a recipe.

    In any case, if you love both, why not get them from the same roof.

    KFC and Huawei said they will only be releasing their baby into the Chinese market and only 5,000 units will be made.

    It is also important to note that the handset will lack some Google services since it is made specifically for the Chinese market.

    KFC-Branded Huawei Smartphone price: A unit will retail at $160 that’s about 1099 Chinese Yuan

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