Kisumu Couple Names New Born After Donald Trump(Photos)

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Baby Trump Otieno: PHOTO, Courtesy

A Kisumu couple could not hide its joy and bliss after Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary in the U.S Presidential Elections.

Felix Otieno and his wife Lorna Akoth defied all odds and criticisms in August and named their third born son after the president-elect.

In an interview, the media the ecstatic couple’s said their decision to name their son Donald Trump Otieno was based on the president-elect’s principles and an open mind.

“He spoke his mind deep from his heart. Most politicians are not sincere like him,” Mr. Otieno says.

The couple lives in the outskirts of Kisumu Town.

His mother said:

“He was frank and firm. At least he spoke the truth without using propaganda or lies to win votes. We loved him and had to name our son after him,” she says.

They had to get a Notification with the name below:

Well, good Luck!!

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