Kisumu Man Spends Ksh500K on Three-Year-Old Son’S Birthday Party (PHOTOS)


    A Kisumu man has shocked residents after organizing a two-day feast celebrate his three-year-old son’s birthday, to what has been rumored to have cost close to half a million Kenyan Shillings.

    Daggy Owila,  is seen in photos shared across the web in the company of the birthday boy, Rayan Owila, his wife, all dressed in African attire of Kitenge and two men holding traditional fly whisks.

    The party also included traditional dancers with father and son seen in one of the pictures taking to the dance floor.

    The three-year-old even had his own security detail at his party that looks to have taken from the state house.

    Residents were shocked as they couldn’t fathom what the hell a man spends  Ksh 500K Kenyan Shillings on his son’s birthday without feeling a pinch.

    According to Lee Mwakinyi, who shared pictures of the birthday party on his Facebook page, the party was an invite-only event which started on Saturday and was expected to end on Sunday.

    “Part Two of the biggest birthday party in Kisumu is about to begin. According to Daggy Owila, the father of the birthday boy Rayan, the whole event will cost him the small amount of slightly over 500K. Attendance by cards only. Dress code African attire,” he wrote in a post on Facebook.

    Hope it was worth to spend  Ksh 500K

    The Boys father’s personal Facebook hints of his political ambition. An earlier post indicates that Mr. Owila intends to vie for a Member of County Assembly seat in Migosi, Kisumu County in next year’s General Election on an ODM ticket.

    See some photos taken:

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