Langata Women Prison’s Inmates are HOT, But Some are Murderers


    Langata Women’s Prison held a beauty pageant on Wednesday and social media has exploded. Photos of some really beautiful women have caught Kenyans off guard, mainly because that’s not the image we associate with prison.

    Inmate Ruth Kamande won the Miss Lang’ata title and it’s easy to see why.




    Her beauty is undeniable, that’s why Kenyans are shocked to learn why she locked up. Ruth was in the news last September after stabbing her boyfriend Farid Ahmed 22 times in Buru Buru Estate.

    She regrets her actions and says that if she could take back time, she wouldn’t commit the crime.

    “There is always a better way to resolve issues than getting to the extreme,” she said regretfully after trouncing 19 contestants to be crowned Miss Langata Prison 2016.

    Here are the rest of the beauties.


    Source: Nairobi Wire