Larry Madowo roasts a tweeter who asked about his relationship status

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Celebrated Media Personality Larry  Madowo proved that he has zero chills this weekend when blasted a social media user who asked why the outspoken TV host has never been seen with a woman before.

The NTV’s Popular program presenter of The Trend was attacked by a member of KOT(Kenyans on Tweeter) asking him if he has ever been with a woman as he was seen posing with naked statues in Sweden.

The question posed by tweeter called @djblueflame wrote, “By the way Anita Nderu is right. How come we have never seen Larry Madowo with a woman?

The screenshot of the convo below was shared across the social media scenes across Kenya.

This is not the first time people are questioning Larry Madowo’s  relationship status – a topic that blogs have written extensively about.He has however in the past defended himself vehemently saying that his relationship status is his personal affair and has to keep that -Private.

The trendsetter as he calls himself has never be seen with a woman in a public space and that what made people start asking questions.

Another Celebrity Maina Kageni has in the past been put on the spot with the same issue as he also has never been seen with a woman.

Madowo has, however, managed to keep his love life off social media.

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