The LG Brand Shop opens, Not Stocking Phones, Yet


    The LG Brand Shop has been launched making LG Electronics the latest multinational to tap into the online shopping space.

    The decision to start an online shopping platform was advised by the need to increase the footprint of the multinational electronics company in the country.

    LG’s venture is expected to disrupt the e-commerce space especially given that various online shops have been selling its (LG’s) products. That cuts the middlemen since the LG shop would be a more trusted source of original LG products.

    Speaking during the launch, LG Managing Director East and Central Africa Janghoom Chung said that Kenyan customers will now have 24-hours access to LG’s products from anywhere in the country.

    Janghoom added that they are “thrilled” to launch the LG online shop and that the venture “fully rounds out LG’s multichannel offering”.

    The company plans to offer its customers a wide range of home appliances and electronics as those offered in physical stores. The LG Brand Shop is also expected to increase product availability.

    You can access products such as refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, audio systems, air conditioners, and much more.

    It gets better.

    LG promises free delivery countrywide, a two-year warranty, and best of all, free one-year insurance for any produced valued at Ksh. 60,000.

    Now that’s definitely a great way to make an entrance.

    You can access the LG brand Shop via For now, you can only pay cash on delivery. That maybe a bit strange especially in this day of mobile money but I’m sure LG is working something out. They better be.

    An LG Brand Shop without Smartphones?

    No way!

    Yes. Sadly.

    The idea of an LG online shop is exciting, almost charming, that’s until you realize that they will not stock smartphones. As yet.

    When I think of an e-commerce shopping platform, smartphones come to mind.   So, I am still confused as to why LG Electronics would put an effort in exempting smartphones on their online shop platform.

    Let’s hope that LG will call for an urgent meeting and reverse the decision to exclude smartphones. Or, let’s hope that the decision is temporary. That the store is a work in progress.

    We hope that LG will get the memo before our psyche runs out.

    Dear LG,

    The LG Brand Shop is an awesome idea but not complete without smartphones.

    We are waiting.

    Sincerely, Us

    Good Timing?

    The shopping platform has been launched at a time when we are recording increased adoption of smartphones and higher access to the internet.

    Also, there are a rising number of people making it to the middle-class category.

    Experts predict that the e-commerce market is expected to expand significantly in the next five years. They quote reasons such as increasing penetration of smartphones, improved internet speeds, and increased trust on digital transactions.

    Kenyans are gradually adopting online shopping platforms given their convenience; hence, the LG online shop should do okay.

    Plus, this would be a good idea since it would help curb counterfeits that have infested the market.

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