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List of BAKE Awards 2018 Nominees and Winners


Here are the BAKE Awards 2018 nominees List

Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) has announced the nominees of the BAKE Awards 2018. Among the nominees announced include: Kaluhiskitchen.com, cravingyellow.com, lizmadowo.co.ke, owaahh.comand techweez.com.

The nominee announcement also coincides with the launch of the voting phase. Voting starts today on 4th April 2018 and will close on 30th April 2018 which will culminate in the awarding of winners at a gala event on May 12, 2018.

To vote in the BAKE Awards 2018, you will need to visit bakeawards.co.ke/vote. Voting will be limited to one vote per person and a SMS verification code will be sent once a vote has been completed.

This year’s competition began on January 11th, 2018, where BAKE accepted submissions in the various categories. Thereafter, a panel of judges selected the best 5 nominees from the successful submissions in each category.

The BAKE Awards, since its inception in 2012, has recognized and awarded the best in Kenyan blogging, in different categories, every year. It is organized by the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE), an organization that promotes online content creation and free expression in Kenya.

Full list of nominees in the BAKE Awards 2018

1. Best Technology Blog

http:// techweez.com
http:// tech-ish.com
http:// androidkenya.com
http:// techguy.co.ke
http:// incubateafrica.net

2. Best Photography Blog

http:// k63.studio
http:// tatianakaranja.com
http:// thementalyst.net
http:// antonytrivet.co.ke
http:// petersize10.com

3. Best Creative Writing Blog

http:// magunga.com
http:// medrine.co.ke
http:// dennispeters.blog
http:// jamesmurua.com
http:// catemukei.com

4. Best Business Blog

http:// kenyanwallstreet.com
http:// businesstoday.co.ke
http:// herbusiness.co.ke
http:// lydiakamaubizhub.com
http:// biznakenya.com

5. Best Food Blog

http:// kaluhiskitchen.com
http:// kaaris-kitchen.com
http:// afoodiescollective.com
http:// thiskenyanvegan.com
http:// kulanini.org

6. Best Environmental Blog

http:// conservationatheart.wordpress.com
http:// falsafa.co.ke
http:// iamjusticeforwildlife.blogspot.co.ke
http:// kelvinswildchronicles.wordpress.com
http:// lizmazingira.com

7. Best Fashion and Style Blog

http:// lizmadowo.co.ke/
http:// itgirl.co.ke
http:// kagendobeatrice.com
http:// thefashionmobster.com
http:// luciamusau.com

8. Best Agricultural Blog

http:// farmerstrend.co.ke
http:// kenyanvet.wordpress.com
http:// graduatefarmer.co.ke/blog
http:// topfarmer.co.ke
http:// theorganicfarmer.org

9. Best New Blog

http:// fithealthytalk.co.ke
http:// www. newafropolitan.com/
http:// mumenough.com
http:// kalekyehealth.com
http:// kibibi-chemsto.co.ke

10. Best Corporate Blog

http:// brightermonday.co.ke/blog
http:// epicenterafrica.com/blog/
http:// pesacheck.org
http:// tufilamupictures.com/blog/
http:// pawa254.org/#blog

 11. Best Topical Blog

http:// owaahh.com
http:// mummytales.com/
http:// meetrendy.com
http:// goodlifekenya.com
http:// kenyaemploymentlaw.com

12. Best Sports Blog

http:// futaa.com
http:// soka.co.ke
http:// osbke.com
http:// magongo.com
http:// RagaHouse.com

13. Best Entertainment Blog

http:// forlackofabettersound.com
http:// buzzcentral.co.ke
http:// darksales.wordpress.com
http:// heavyandthebeast.wordpress.com
http:// lamusicjunkie.wordpress.com

14. Best Education Blog

http:// magazine.kampozone.com
http:// legalscholarsite.com
http:// magazinereel.com
http:// thediscoverycentre.co.ke/blog/
http:// teachersnoticeboard.co.ke

15. Best Travel Blog

http:// aluochbonnita.com
http:// thekenyancamper.com
http:// dnomadz.com
http:// gamachu.com
http:// www.violayasmineadventures.com

16. Best Public Health Blog

http:// healthkenya.co.ke
http:// sihayako.co.ke
http:// lheritierblog.com
http:// saringin.com
http:// afyasmilekenya.co.ke/

17. Best County Blog

http:// amazingkisumu.co.ke
http:// lifeinmombasa.com
http:// ameru.co.ke
http:// eldoretleo.com
http:// northriftmirror.co.ke/

18. Best Religious or Spirituality Blog

http:// pauliemugo.com
http:// karwirwalaura.com
http:// www.therelationshipmirror.com/blog/
http:// ourmarriagechronicles.com
https:// elegantlytrendy.wordpress.com/

19. Best Lifestyle Blog

http:// kenyanstory.com
http:// lilmissbelle.com
http:// mwendengao.com
http:// potentash.com
http:// wachanikwambie.com

20. Best Beauty and Hair Blog

http:// cravingyellow.com
http:// kurlykichana.com
http:// justmargie.com
http:// oliviaakumu.com
https:// justnimu.com/

21. Best Video Blog (Vlog)

Sheila Ndinda – youtube.com/UCcGi7m9WFSmrLS8zyqDRANA
Over Twenty Five – youtube.com/channel/UChKyC8GgChB5_JEW7p8nkFA
Nancie Mwai – youtube.com/user/Nanciellah
This Is Ess – youtube.com/user/ThisIsEss
Mwalimu Rachel TV – youtube.com/channel/UCWQlq5ckw5dN5ZvPNsggN2w

22. Best Social Issues and Active Citizenship Blog

http:// theelephant.info
http:// kituochasheria.wordpress.com
http:// maunduville.blogspot.co.ke
http:// wandianjoya.com
http:// ghettotales.wordpress.com

23. Kenyan Blog of the Year

http:// aluochbonnita.com
http:// owaahh.com
http:// graduatefarmer.co.ke/blog
http:// mumenough.com
http:// farmerstrend.co.ke

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