Meet Huddah Monroe Look Alike from Nakuru Who will Leave You Drooling


    She’s a true copy of  Huddah Munroe, a Huddah Monroe look-alike but just that she’s a little chunkier and doesn’t rock the natural short hair Huddah has become famous for.

    Meet 20-year-old Njeri Kageni who is a   lingerie model has made a name for herself and continues to conquer more frontiers just by slaying, wearing a kickass smile.“I am a model and a brand ambassador for Sparks Collection… ”  says Njeri.She is a brand ambassador who is not only an absolute killer, a total showstopper but also a true head-turner.

    Despite the fact that Huddah Monroe look-alike has the beauty of an elegant Parisian chateau and probably tastes like Italian wine, the breathtaking bombshell is also a dedicated learner as she’s currently at MKU pursuing a Journalism degree.

    The jaw-dropper  Huddah Monroe look-alike has now been noticed and nominated as the HOTTEST WOMAN in Nakuru County alongside some other names who include Loiy Mwangi, Pesh Nina Diggy, Purity Stephens and the fabulous Megsy Mwas.

    “Many thanks to Vybe City Awards for the amazing nomination… It’s humbling and even flattering.. ”  adds the Huddah Monroe look alike.

    Check out Huddah Monroe Look Alike Njeri Kageni Photos

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    7 years ago

    Total beauty though.