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Meet Steve Biko Ole Chege the Facebook funny man and Storyteller (Photo)


If you a are a Facebook die hard and you are not following this guy then I don’t know what you are doing with your life.

If you have come across people like Wanja Kavengi,Wadia Wadear ,Ole weru ,Dagitari Wanjohi Kigogoine  you probably have come across a chap who goes by the name of Steve Biko ole Chege.

A man who churns stories with the most humorous village stories in broken English you’ll ever see.

Having thousands of followers, it’s evident that his fans can’t get enough of him.

Many of you may not know but he is credited to have penned the most hilarious, most shared story, the Mukurino girl story which amused him many followers.

His love of Wakurinos ha mad it his trademark.

The trending story by Steve Biko ole Chege: Photo courtesy

Though he uses humor in broken English he has become a darling on Facebook in Born and bled in Nakuru ,Steve Biko  ole Chege who is an IT assistant at a private company in Mombasa.

His private life is not well known as he doesn’t discuss it often. He  started way back, gradually he started wooing fans and in time became one of the reckoning forces and on of the most loved humorist on Facebook.

His style comes close to that of Dagitari Wanjohi Kigogoine who he says is who inspired him to start writing. However,  Steve remains a mystery to many, he has never put a photo o himself on Facebook.

The only photo known of him is some Samburu guy on his profile photo which btw he has never changed.

The Steve Biko Photo

If you want juicy stories to reminisce the village life then follow below.

Follow him @https://www.facebook.com/sbchege1



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