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Miguna Miguna VS Esther Passaris on KTN’s Jeff Koinange Live Show (VIDEO)


Miguna Miguna insults Esther Passaris on JKL

Miguna Miguna has dismissed a video clip of an exchange with Esther Passaris during KTN’s Jeff Koinange Live Show.

In the clip the Nairobi governor aspirant is heard saying

Miguna Miguna: Everybody is raping Esther…Esther is so beautiful… everybody wants to rape her …

Passaris, who is also an aspirant for the seat, did not take the comments lightly.

Esther Passaris  You are so sick…You are so jealous and I can’t even look at you… really…really… you are so disgusting.

 Passaris, Miguna went on talking while gesturing at the camera person who was recording the video.

Miguna Miguna: You are chasing men all over… Esther, nobody wants you. ..you are too old… nobody wants you..who wants you ..who wants you…?.”Esther… nobody wants you … you think you are beautiful… you are not.It’s just colour…Esther, it’s just colour… Without the colour you are nothing…you are absolutely zero…you are zero…you are not beautiful… You have nothing…The cartels who think you are beautiful… they sent you here.

(Koinange and the crew are seen unshaken and laughing at the argument).

Miguna Miguna: Get used to the idea that you will never be the governor.

Esther Passaris: Shut up, really…you are so racist…,” she added.

Posting on Twitter Passaris urged women not be discouraged by men like Miguna.

“Men like Miguna have no place or role to play in our empowerment. He is part of the problem. Let’s be even more determined to take our place at the table,” she said.

Passaris said women are not perfect but continue striving for more.

“I encourage women not to shy away from leadership for fear of victimisation, character assassination and prejudices of patriarchy,” she said.

But Miguna said via Twitter that some parts of the video were omitted.

“The video omits the portion where Passaris accused me of rape… She did not specify whom I allegedly raped,” he said.

“The cartels are out in full force with falsehoods, propaganda and threats. Let’s stick to the truth.”

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