Mombasa Awards That left everybody Laughing(Photos)


    The much anticipated  Mombasa Awards went down last weekend at the Azura lounge.The ceremony attracted all leading and upcoming stars from across the Coastal city with different awards in many different categories like Best New Artist, Best Male Artist, Best Female Artist and even Best DJ.

    The Mombasa Awards Founder and CEO, Douglas Mickie ended up commissioning one of the ugliest and terribly weak trophies ever seen in a history of an Award event.

    The Mombasa Awards gong as it is known in the awards circle was a badly curved “Maasai ” carving with encryptions of various categories which nominees won.

    According to one of the winners, Jaystar Kenya who’s nominated in   Mombasa Awards in the category of “Best producer ” the award trophy was not only an insult to the musicians but a sign that The Mombasa Awards in the  city lacks in creativity and will always lag behind Nairobi in the entertainment circles .

    “Jaystar Kenya thinking about making a change.

    Damn What kinder trophy is this
    Haivutii Kuekwa hata kwenye
    Nyumba if aniggah took it home
    He got be kidding me.
    Damn guys we need to step-up our game.”


    Probably getting inspiration from  BET AWARDS, Mombasa Awards founder Douglas and his crew ended up copying the whole concept of the BET trophy and replicating it horribly in Mombasa.

    One of the biggest stake holders in the industry said that Mombasa Awards were a shoddy work.

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