Mombasa Top female Model Ruthalia Michaels says she was Rigged during Mombasa Vibe city Awards



    Ruthalia Michaels

    Top  Mombasa female model Ruthalia Michael is crying foul claiming she was robbed of her win as Face of Mombasa during the concluded Mombasa Vibe City awards.

    The awards were held on Saturday 10th at Azura lounge.The series of events which are organized by Candy and Candy Empire went down as planned. Everything was great, the lighting, energy, and everything.

    Everything was great, the lighting, energy, and everything.

    The nominees in various categories were announced as winners were crowned according to the votes accorded.Ruthalia Michaels who was a nominee in the Face of Mombasa category says she knew she was the winner as she had campaigned enough on all her social platforms and was confident that she was going to scoop the award.

    She says:

     “During the event, the M.c kept repeating that no -one knew the CEO only for a fan who shared the results one hour before the winner was announced and guess what she was right, Gloria won the award as planned “. What followed was false and untrue stories.

    Speaking to this author, to see Ruthalia Michaels claimed that she had mobilized her nearly 20,000 followers on Social Media and was sure she had won the category but was to seethe award slip through her hands and being given to another contestant.

    She says that an inside source in the management of the awards told her that she had won with a margin of 600 votes, another person confirmed that the management forced them to give Gloriah the win.

    The below screenshots from sources that knew what was happening confirms the allegations.

    Ruthalia found out that Candy and Candy were planning to manage Their winner and had information about the same.


    In another interview with another writer, The CEO of Candy and Candy Empire, claimed that he called Ruthalia to inform her that there was a tie between the two contestants but she claims that nothing of the sort happened and he only contacted her via Whatsapp but did not mention the issue.

    In an attempt to cover the whole story Candy Records posted on their Facebook page saying that Ruthalia won the category for Face of Mombasa and that there should be an open poll.

    Ruthalia final words on the issue:

    I feel disappointing having put all my effort and energy in this, only to discover that it wasn’t legit, if I knew earlier I would not have accepted the nominations but anyway let’s meet on another platform “.

    The Awards entities in  Mombasa have had been controversial with some Artists and performers claiming that the organizers are biased and have been choosing their  “Winners”.

    The other day, many people have claimed that the Mombasa entertainment scene is lagging behind as many of the so-called Promoters are biased and manage the scene as if it were their personal business, managementMombasa has seen an exodus of Musicians and actors who have since moved to Nairobi as they feel the Mombasa scene has nothing to offer.

    Well, let’s wait for the response of the People involved in thManagementand what they had to say.

    Photo credits: Ruthalia Michaels

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