This Must be the Most Amazing Dad in Africa


    Shamora Collins has officially been labeled the most amazing dad in Africa.

    His account on Facebook gave a glimpse of how he adjusted his work schedule to take care of his four-month-old infant has warmed the hearts of Kenyan and Ugandan citizens who termed him as Most Amazing Dad inAfrica.

    The man, who refers to himself on Facebook as Shamora Collins, took to social media to narrate his journey to becoming a full-time father in order to allow his wife to concentrate on her career after she had finished her maternity leave.

    Mr. Collins’ who lives in lives in  Kampala, Uganda. He was motivated largely by the rising cases of brutality by house helps against children under their care.

    He then asked his wife to tutor him on how to take care of a baby, including how to how to hold her, bathe her, feed her and dress her.

    Asked how he managed to do this Mr.Collins said:

     “I told my wife I will be going to work with her. She laughed. I told her I couldn’t risk my child with a maid. My work being flexible, and my wife couldn’t go with her, I took up the role. So I asked my wife how to bathe her, feed her, and dress her and how to hold her which she gladly taught me”.

    On his Facebook Account, he posted:

    “Baby Christabel thanks for being cooperative; she sits well in her car seat and listens to music and we drive to and from work as she laughs. Thanks my boss for letting me bring my daughter along. And to all my colleagues’ thanks for the support,”

    Here at Wish Mr.Collins a long life. He is Most Amazing Dad inAfrica.

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