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Most Followed Kenyans on Twitter and Facebook


Who are the most followed Kenyans on Twitter and Facebook?

Social media has become an important platform through which famous people connect with their fans, followers, and haters.

It has become important that we now have the SOMA awards for the most influential social media personalities, corporates institutions, and government institutions in Kenya.

In addition, there is a social media week dedicated to discussions on how social media and technology transform our lives.

Below is a list of the most influential Kenyans on Twitter and Facebook:

Note: the figures were accurate at the time the article was written, they may have changed over time.

Below are the Twitter Accounts: 

1. Uhuru Kenyatta
President Kenyatta is probably the most influential politician in Kenya. Has 1, 898, 836 followers, follows 33, and goes with the handle @UKenyatta.

2. NTV Kenya
A leading media house. Brags 1,398,349 followers, follows 355, and its twitter handle is @ntvkenya.

3. Citizen TV Kenya
One of the leading media houses with 1,354,136 followers, following 194, and goes by the twitter handle @citizentvkenya.

4. KTN
A leading media house with 1, 252, 634 followers, follows 122, and goes by the twitter handle @KTNKenya.

5. Cyprian, Is Nyakundi
An award winning blogger with 1,168,233 followers, following 6,664, and goes by the twitter handle @C_NyakundiH. He is possibly one of the most popular bloggers in Kenya.

6. Daily Nation
The Daily Nation is your daily dose of breaking news alerts and happenings around you.

It has 1,078,892 followers, following 269, and goes by the twitter handle @dailynation.

7. William Samoei Ruto
Kenya’s deputy president comes next with 1,048,357 followers, following 98, and his handle is @WilliamsRuto.

8. Thee Trend Setter
A You Tuber, blogger and social media personality with 973,054 followers, following 55,655, and goes by the twitter handle @xtiandela.

The Trend Setter is hands down one of the most influential social media personalities in Kenya.

9. Jeff Koinange
Koinange is an award-winning journalist who has worked with various media powerhouses.

His twitter handle is @KoinangeJeff and has 946,489 followers and is following 1,428.

He is an influential journalist in Kenya especially because of his Jeff Koinange Show (JKL) which aired on KTN.

10. Larry Madowo
Madowo is a journalist at NTV Kenya and best known for hosting The Trend.

He goes by the twitter handle @LarryMadowo, has 925,515 followers and is following 1,620.

The Facebook Accounts

1. Citizen TV
Media house-2,943,193+ likes2. Uhuru Kenyatta

2. Uhuru Kenyatta
Kenya’s president-2,913,557+ likes3. NTV Kenya

3. NTV Kenya
A TV Network-2,771,083+ likes4. KTN Kenya

4. KTN Kenya
Broadcasting and Media Production group-2,748,805 likes5. Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki aka Mwalimu King’ang’i

5. Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki aka Mwalimu King’ang’i
Renowned comedian-2,401,010+ likes

6. Tuko.co.ke
Breaking news and entertainment website-2,321,423+ likes

7. Daily Nation
Media/News company-2,069,430+ likes

8. Safaricom Limited
Telecommunications company-1,435,776+ likes

9. The Healthy Tips
Health/Wellness site-1,174,357+ likes

10. Caroline Mutoko
Media personality-1,040,499+ likes

Of course, these stats change over time since the idea of “most influential” is subject to change.

Thus, the list of most influential celebrities, bloggers, politicians, pastors, and persons is not ultimate.

Never has been.

Talking of pastors, what would we use to rank the most influential? Perhaps in terms of followers? Tithes and offerings? Rides? On one who roars the most or stretches their vocal cords best? Miracle stunts?

What about politicians? Would it be the one in the know about the “evils” of an administration?  Best PR stunts? Renowned looter? These would be tricky so I guess we will cross the bridge if and when we get there. Fingers crossed.

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