This Is How Much Diamond Was Paid To Perform In Meru On Saturday


    Kenyan event organizers parted with millions of shillings to bring Diamond to Meru!

    But it was worth it after all!

    Diamond Platnumz charges as low as Kes 500,000 as long as the show is within the boundaries of Tanzania.

    He also charges low charges in tours around the world as long as the promoter pays fo his upkeep.

    diamond platinums

    But getting Diamond to perform outside the boundaries of Tanzania, you have to be prepared to part with $ 40,000 (Kes 4 million.)

    A breakdown by Diamond’s management explains what event organizers have to be prepared to do to get Chibu Dangote to perform at their gigs:

    The list of Diamond requirements include:


    8 Economy and 2 Business Class return air tickets


    4 double rooms

    One Single Room

    And one Presidential Suit Room


    Our performance fee is 40,000$ per show at the Moment bt if you delay to book us until we release our new Track on the middle of this Month there will be an increase of 5,000$


    Our Technical rider includes two wireless Sure Brand Microphones, a glass stage (the size will depend on your venue size) with trussing having LED lights, and moving heads, moreover the plot stage shall have a backstage well equipped with air condition and eight personnel six being security, one waitress, and one representative from the organizers side…the backstage shall have water, juices , and snacks, please avoid beacon or any form of pork oriented meals…Please do note that the performance fee mentioned earlier is a very discounted rate aiming at establishing our good and pure business relationship.

    Our performance will be 2 and a half hours to be precise.

    Please do note that we won’t allow any figure on stage except for two security and our Dj during performance.

    Any form of video shooting is unacceptable unless there can be special agreements between WCB and the client.

    Thank You in advance.

    Diamond Platnumz Management.

    With that said, how much did Kenyan event organizers spend to bring Diamond to Meru? Watanashati Classics parted with a cool Kes 5 million to bring Chibu Dangote to Meru.

    Contrary to Diamond’s standard charge of $ 40,000 (Kes 4 million.), the Tanzanian singer had to charge an extra one million shillings because the gig was far away in Meru.

    Ghafla! contacted one of the directors at Watanashati Classics (wanted to remain anonymous) who confided in us that they spent Kes 5 million to bring Diamond to Meru.

    In an interview with E!TV, Diamond revealed he was worth a whopping $ 4 million (Kes 405 million). With the amount he charges to perform and all those brand endorsements, surely Diamond is worth more than 405 million shillings.


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