NASA Reestablishes Contact With Long-lost Spacecraft


    NASA has reestablished contact with a spacecraft that went missing almost two years ago.

    Stereo-B disappeared on October 1, 2014 in space during a failed test of some of its functions. It was part of the $520 million Stereo mission.


    For the past 22 months, scientists have been on a futile attempt to communicate with it, until now.

    At 6:27 pm on Sunday, NASA finally received a signal from Stereo-B. They used the agency’s deep space network, a communications network for missions throughout space, to track it down.

    Stereo’s main goal is to provide unique, front-and-back images of the sun. Two spacecrafts, Stereo-A and Stereo-B were meant to work simultaneously.

    The Stereo team is now trying to figure out if Stereo-B can continue with its mission after spending almost ten years in space.

    Source: Nairobi Wire