Tech Weekly Trends: NTSA to issue electronic driving Licenses starting May and more


    Starting May, you will be issued with an electronic driving license by NTSA.

    You may soon be allowed to smoke the “holy hub” if a proposition by one Gwada Ogot is taken with the seriousness it deserves. What does this have to do with technology you ask? This Forbes article will give you an idea.

    A lot has taken place in just one week. Today, we woke up to the upsetting news of Sumgong’s doping results or of SportsPesa terminating KLP contractual deal.

    Others are still trying to make sense of the Pepsi commercial.


    This did not stop awesome things from happening in the tech world.

    What or who was making the loudest noise in the tech world?

    1. NTSA to start issuance of electronic driving licenses

    Starting May, NTSA will start issuing any licensed local driver with a digital driving license. The electronic card will bear your biometric information as well as an e-wallet that will allow you to pay instant fines in the event you commit a traffic offense and are caught.

    The fine payment will be done via a special electronic gadget that is owned and managed by NTSA.

    2. OPPO A57 the ‘Unstoppable Selfie’ to launch in Kenya

    You will finally enjoy an ‘Unstoppable Selfie’ experience with the OPPO’s latest flagship.

    The OPPO A57 is expected to enter the Kenyan market this April.

    The handset comes with 16MP and 13MP front and rear cameras respectively, Octa-core 1.4GHz, 5.2-inch display, 3GB RAM, and 2,900mAh battery capacity.

    You like?

    3. Google has introduced fact check to curb fake news

    This has taken too long especially since people largely depend on Google for news. A blog post by Google suggests that the company will include a fact check label in Google news.

    This label will highlight news and information that has been vetted and proven to be true or false.

    This is timely and I hope this feature will be effective soon so avoid the spread of misinformation and fake news especially as we near the August General Elections.

    4. Infinix S2 Pro in Kenya soon

    This is the first the first Wefie handset. In the Infinix world, Wefie is the plural for Selfie. Got it now?

    Infinix S2 Pro is set to be launched on April 10th in Kenya. If you are an Infinix fan, you must recall that Infinix launched the HOT series last year, S2 Pro is still a member of this series but the “Hot” branding has been dropped.

    The S2 Pro comes with a 5.2-inch curved display, 3GB RAM, 13MP +8MP front cameras with LED Flash and 13MP back camera with Dual LED, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, 3000mAh battery capacity, and 1.3GHz Octa-core processor.

    The good news keeps coming, seems like NTSA announcement on the issuance of a driving license to any driver is not the only impactful development specific to Kenya.

    5. Twitter to launch Lite

    Twitter Inc. is launching Lite, a faster version of its mobile service. This service is expected to improve the experience of people in emerging markets or those that have little data on their smartphones.This service mostly targets users outside the US.

    Twitter is not the first to launch a product in this category since Facebook Lite was launched in 2015.

    This service mostly targets users outside the US.

    6. Pegasus for Android

    This is a newly discovered mobile spyware that masquerades as a normal app. How bad is it you ask? It secretly gains root access and the result is that you will be spied on. Last year, a similar malicious product was discovered in iOS.Be warned!

    Be warned!

    7. Facebook tools to fight the spread of revenge porn

    Facebook has launched new tools to prevent the sharing of revenge porn on its platforms. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this in a post that read, in part:

    “…Today we’re rolling out new tools to prevent “revenge porn” from being shared on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram…”

    8. Kenya’s Computer and Cybercrimes Bill 2016 gets approved

    The Computer and Cybercrime Bill 2016 has, at last, been approved. This is good news considering the rising cases of cyber crimes in Kenya. This bill is expected to monitor, control, and eliminate cybercrimes.

    This bill is expected to monitor, control, and eliminate cybercrimes.These crimes include computer fraud, cyber-stalking, and child pornography. The legislation proposes tough and strict penalties for those found guilty.

    9. Apple music for Android revamped

    And the makeover is for the better. The app is now as good as the iOS version released last year. The aim was to bring greater value and simplicity and it has delivered since the updates have translated into a more organized and appealing interface.

    In addition to these, the Now Playing tab allows users to read lyrics for songs they are listening to.

    10. LG receives 20 Red Dot Awards

    Finally, it was a great week for LG as the giant Chinese manufacturer scooped a record 20 awards during this year’s Red Dot Awards. The annual event awards products for their exemplary design.

    Congratulations are in order to LG for emerging a big winner!

    If you are a driver, be sure to get your digital driving license once the issuance process starts. We can only hope that NTSA will not push the date forward since these talked have been held since 2016. Once you are issued with your the upgraded driving license, life will be a lot easier.

    Have a lovely weekend.

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