Politician Scorned after Contributing 2000 Only Bob At Church Fundraiser

    Women Representative Priscillah Nyokabi PHOTO: Courtesy Nation Media Group

    A popular female politician has become a topic of jokes on social media after it emerged that she contributed a paltry sum at a church fundraiser.

    In Kenya, politicians are expected to contribute huge sums of Money in fundraising meetings0.

    However, it was not this case as Priscilla Nyokabi – the Woman Representative for Nyeri – donated only Sh2000 at the function while other politicians gave amounts as high as Sh110,000.

    Her small donation shocked church members who asked Fr John Mbai – the MC for the day to read out the amount again.The shocked crowd kept Mum and waited for other Politicians to give their donations.

    She admitted the donation was a small amount and that she has actually admitted that she contributed Sh2000 adding that it was as a result of being invited to many harambees in one week.

    She also said that she can’t afford to pay more than that unless her constituents want her to steal from public coffers.

    She denied and said she is not a corrupt Politician.

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