POLL: Do You Think It Matters on Which Chair The President Sits?

    ‘Brave’ man who sat on the Presidential chair

    Does the constitution mention the Presidential chair anywhere? We could not find any reference, but lawyer Donald Kipkorir thinks it is a symbol of the presidency.

    In a Facebook post, Donald attacked Bahati for ‘evicting’ the President from his chair, saying the ‘symbols of the Presidency are not trivial’.


    That single piece of furniture has been used for years to represent the seat of power, and it is not uncommon to hear people make jokes that certain individuals have never sat on it.

    Well, the joke’s on you.


    President Uhuru has been attempting to demystify the presidency, inviting more commoners to State House than ever before, and even actually letting them sit on his chair.


    But it appears we do not want our mind freed. We hold that single piece of furniture in so high regard that we assume that it must accompany the President everywhere and whoever sits on it automatically holds power.

    Many presidents from other countries have no designated chairs and sit on whatever is provided.





    But Kenya, like many African countries, has refused to let go some old habits whose original purpose was to inflict fear of the presidency… including that guy who stands awkwardly behind the President at all times.

    Is it really that important where the President sits?

    Source: Nairobi Wire