POLL: Do You Think Jubilee is Using Public Money To Fund Party Affairs

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Photo – The Star

Following the show of extravagance by the ruling Jubilee, Cord is demanding answers claiming that they are using public funds to run party affairs.

Jubilee unveiled tens of branded SUVs this week and a brand new headquarters along Thika Road.

In a statement issued at Orange House on Wednesday, ODM said they have reasons to believe Jubilee is stealing public money.

“We want Jubilee to assure Kenyans that its activities will not lead to the kind of inflation that was witnessed in this country after the 1992 elections in which the then ruling regime threw caution to the wind and flooded the country with illegally printed and stolen money,” ODM director of elections Junet Mohamed said.

“We want Jubilee to also assure Kenyans that it is not dipping its long fingers into public coffers to steal borrowed money to hoodwink Kenyans and buy elections out of desperation,” he added.

It has been reported that Jubilee will spend Sh2 billion in the three-day extravaganza to launch the party. About 123,000 delegates are expected at Kasarani and Bomas this week, and they will all go home with a Sh10,000 allowance, according to The Star.

Jubilee is defending itself saying the money came from the billions allocated to political parties and other donations.

Do you think public money has found its way into Jubilee affairs?

Source: Nairobi Wire