POLL: Does Ezekiel Mutua Have Authority To Ban Lesbian Parties?

4 years ago

rainThe Kenya Film Classification Board yesterday ‘banned’ a lesbian hook-up party scheduled for Saturday. KFCB’s vocal and controversial CEO Ezekiel Mutua posted the notice on his Facebook page.

As the name suggests, KFCB’s primary job is to classify films, eg by rating them GE (general exhibition), PG (parental guidance recommended), 16 (not suitable for persons under the age of 16) and 18 (not suitable for persons under the age of 18).

It also regulates the creation, broadcasting, possession, distribution and exhibition of films, through activities such as licensing film distributors and checking for violation of the terms of the license.

Many people wondered how a lesbian party falls in KFCB’s mandate.

On Facebook, Mr. Mutua wrote.


We wish to bring to the attention of the members of the public that this lesbian hook-up party has been banned by the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) and will therefore not take place. Any breach will be met with the full force of the law.

The owners of the premises have denied ever organizing the event or generating the poster being circulated online. The Board has reported the matter to the police for further investigation. The owners of the premises are fully cooperative.

Bearing one of the variations of the Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT), the so called colours of pride, the notice suggests that attendees will be lesbians. The use of “Girls Only” further implies that that the party will be an orgy of lesbians. Like in the case of the foiled Project X, the Board is privy to information that there will be filming of pornograhic content during the orgy.

The Constitution of Kenya 2010, Article 45 outlaws and criminalizes homosexuality. Section 181 of the Penal Code prohibits the distribution and exhibition of indecent content.

In light of the foregoing and in order to uphold the law, public decency and morality, the Board has banned the party.

Any member of the public with information regarding this or any other matter related to the work of the Board can reach us through our hotline number 0711222220.


Buried in the text is the statement, Like in the case of the foiled Project X, the Board is privy to information that there will be filming of pornograhic content during the orgy.”

As explained above it is within KFCB’s mandate to regulate the creation of film.

However, one is left to wonder, is this simply a ploy by Mr. Mutua to remain relevant? Even if filming was involved, was it meant to be used commercially, or do we now need his permission to use our mobile phone cameras?

What do you think?

Source: Nairobi Wire




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