POLL: Is JKUAT is Disposing of ‘Unsaleable’ Taifa Laptops by Forcing Students to Buy?

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jkuatJKUAT is forcing all new students to part with Sh41,500 for a new Taifa laptop.

Parents protested the directive accusing the management of siphoning money from them.

“The management is planning to tap cash from parents by insisting that we must buy their laptops even if we already have them. They are taking advantage of the fact that we are desperate to have our children admitted but we won’t allow their dishonest deal to succeed,” one parent told the Star.


Taifa Laptop

The issue of the laptops was not a requirement indicated in the official admission letter, making parents all the angrier.

Some reports have it that the laptops are not even durable.

“We’ve been told that these laptops are developing complications after not more than eight months. We think that JKUAT has totally failed in marketing their product and they are taking advantage of the new students to release their stock,” another parent said.

Ann Gakuru, another parent whose son was admitted at the Juja based campus, revealed that she bought her son a new laptop worth 57,000 just last week. She said she was not aware of the institution’s plan.

“They should have told us in advance before we bought ours. I am a single mother and I struggled a lot to get the money to buy the laptop and it pains me a lot to see that the institution is forcing us to buy their laptops despite having ours,” Gakuru said.

Taifa laptops are reportedly assembled in Juja, but most if not all parts come from China.

It has inferior specs to other mainstream brands in the same price range, and it is believe that JKUAT was unable to market them to the general public hence the imposition.

Do you think this is the case?

Source: Nairobi Wire