POLL: Peter Kenneth Vs Miguna Miguna.. Who Will You Vote for Nairobi Governor?

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pk-migunaThough he has not announced it officially, there is increasing chatter that former Presidential candidate Peter Kenneth will vie for the Nairobi Governor seat.

According to reports, members of the Asian Business Community, most of them very affluent, met secretly at Parklands Sports club a few day ago.

The agenda was Peter Kenneth’s candidature, and they agreed to throw their weight behind him.

“We are tired of the mess Nairobi is in, we want change and a good business environment. Peter Kenneth’s development track record is unquestionable and he is the kind of a leader that Kenya’s capital needs.” one of those in attendance was quoted as saying.

Yesterday, the hashtag #IWantPK4Nairobi was trending on Twitter. It is unclear whether it was a ‘sponsored’ hashtag or who started it, but PK did his best to stay off it.

However when asked by a follower if he would be going for the Nairobi seat, PK had this to say.

If he does join the crowded race, he will probably cite his track record. His candidature will be to the disadvantage of Miguna Miguna, as the two will be seeking votes from independent and forward minded Nairobians, not those blinded by tribal or party allegiances.

At this point, we’ve all come to agree that my grandmother can do a better job than Kidero, so I’ll not include him in this poll.

Source: Nairobi Wire