POLL: Should Kibaki be Blamed for Seeking Treatment Abroad?


    kibakiRetired President Mwai Kibaki was on Sunday flown to South Africa for treatment. Kibaki was rushed to Karen Hospital on Saturday but the family made the decision to have him treated abroad.
    It was reported that he suffered a stroke.

    Following the news, many Kenyans have taken to social media to castigate him for being President but not doing much for our medical system, that he needs to fly out for treatment.

    Boniface Mwangi wondered how he was Vice President, Health Minister and later President, but still has to fly out for treatment.

    It is unclear whether Kibaki flying out had anything to do with lack of expertise or equipment.

    Karen Hospital, Nairobi Hospital and others in the same league are able to offer an assortment of specialized treatment, so it’s also possible privacy plays a role when ‘big’ men are deciding to seek treatment outside. For instance, Karen Hospital was flooded with journalists on Sunday.

    Moi left the country in a very bad state, and even the current government is still undoing what he Moi and his circle of thieves did to the country.

    By many accounts, Kibaki did a good job restoring infrastructure and systems.
    Do you think it is fair to blame him for the perceived failure of our medical system?

    Source: Nairobi Wire