POLL: Who Would You Want To See as Kenya’s Next Chief Justice

    Makau Mutua and Willy Mutunga who are both eyeing the CJ seat

    Most of the Chief Justice hopefuls have been interviewed by the vetting committee.

    Controversial law professor Makau Mutua was interviewed yesterday, and he was probably the most anticipated interview.

    He was made to defend some of his past statements including tweets in which he vowed never to recognize President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    On his Facebook page yesterday, lawyer Donald Kipkorir stated that the only two individuals who deserve to be considered are Makau Mutua and Alnashir Visram.

    This was his post.


    My Choice For The Chief Justice, And Kenya’s Choice

    JSC has brought down the curtains in its search for our next Chief Justice. Only two men towered above the rest: Prof. Makau Mutua and Hon. Justice Alnashir Visram. We have never had such highly qualified candidates for this position as this duo. Both are polar opposite but eminently qualified.

    Prof. Makau brings unparalleled intellect and global connections. His revolutionary zeal is what is needed to upend the rot we have all been claiming is at the Judiciary. We say we don’t trust the Judiciary. We therefore need one who will overturn the tables in the temple and chase away the money changers!
    Justice Alnashir will bring in insider knowledge and conservative credentials. Greatest revolutions are by insiders. Because insiders are part or seen to be part of the system, their revolutions will be quiet but real.

    US Judiciary is the world’s unrivaled Judiciary. Let no one tell you otherwise out of unschooled patriotism. The greatest US Justices were those with either convicted leftist revolutionary or conservative leanings. Great foundations of institutions are laid by Princes like Alexander the Great or Usurpers like William the Bastard!

    NOTE that some of the questions to both Makau and Visram went overboard and have nothing to do with the qualifications required. If JSC are truly desirous that Kenya needs a Justice John Marshall or Earl Warren, and without political, tribal or religious pettiness, then let them give us either Makau or Visram. Ingine itakuwa ni porojo!


    So, who would you rather become the next Chief Justice?

    Source: Nairobi Wire