POLL: Would You Have Sex with Your Cousin?


    judIn a ruling last week, High Court judge James Makau said that sex between first cousins in not classified as incest under the laws of Kenya. He ordered the release of a man convicted of the offence and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

    “I find that it was an error in law for the trial court to have imported the relationship of a cousin and included it within the provisions of the law when that relationship was not among the specified relationships to be considered in determining a case of incest,” said the judge.

    The Luo Council of Elders has now come out to denounce the ruling, saying it is sinful for people of the same blood to engage in sex or get married. ”It is sinful to have people of the same blood engage in sex or get married. This is tantamount to the destruction of the moral fabrics of our society.” council chairman Opiyo Otondi told the Star.

    “Every community in Kenya has its unique culture, the court cannot therefore direct how the people should live in the community,” another elder added.

    Everyone has their opinion on this. Some will find it ‘gross’ while others see nothing wrong with it. Where do you stand?

    Would you have sex with your first cousin?

    Source: Nairobi Wire