POLL: Would You Vote for a Presidential Candidate Who Promises To Forgive HELB Loans?


    helbAre you vying for President next year, here’s an idea that will win you lots of votes. Promise to forgive HELB loans.

    In related news, a lobby group calling itself Conscious Jubilee, has written a letter titled Petition To The Government For A HELB Loans Bailout.

    They want the Higher Education Loans Board to forgive defaulters and waive loans for deserving Kenyans. The lobby group argues that the government can afford to do that.

    “It’s our view that this accumulating loan backlog is a major impediment to the accessibility and affordability of Higher Education and research funding in Kenya.”

    “HELB needs capitation more than it needs the documentation of its loan defaulters. This recapitalization will enable HELB expand its horizons fully beyond Universities to other Tertiary level opportunities and also advance research funding to individuals and institutions,” the letter reads in part.

    The group is urging the government to determine individuals who are in great need of the bailout and make it available to them.

    Here’s the letter.


    Most graduates remain jobless for long, and the communication on how to stop accumulation of penalty fees is vague. As a result, many are shocked when they finally see the amounts they supposedly owe HELB.

    Apart from those who have finished paying up, I’m sure we would all love to be forgiven our loans. So, here’s the poll question.

    If you were not planning to support candidate X, but he is the only one promising to forgive HELB loans once elected president, would that change your mind?

    Source: Nairobi Wire