Easiest Ways to Make Money Online in Kenya 2019

2 years ago

If you are reading this, it must be that you’d to know how to make money online in Kenya.

Before all else, you should know that it takes hard work and discipline as is the case with all other occupations.

If you come across messages promising easy money online, snub these since most are scams.

Forget overnight success and immediate brokenness solutions. Sit back and learn.

Below are a 10 legitimate ways to make money online in Kenya:

1. Freelancing

The number of freelancers in Kenya is elephantine.

The demand for numerous services that can be done on a freelance basis is as well substantial.

If you can write, draw, web design, software development, do voice-overs, and graphics, someone somewhere is looking for someone who possesses your skills.

It is easy to get started, just sign up for the various freelancing sites, create an appealing profile, and get started.

Prime examples of these sites are Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.

2. Forex Trading

This is a prime example of an opportunity that can allow you to make money from home in Kenya.

However, there is a ‘BUT’.

Forex trading calls for skills and discipline. A lot of both.

There are people getting good returns but you should know that there are serious risks involved since you could lose your money.

All of it.

It’s possibly one of the easiest ways to go broke.

However, experienced forex traders can make up to $200 per day. You can start with as low as $100.

Examples of forex sites are Ava Trade and Hot Forex.

3. Blogging

Create a meaningful blog and start earning through advertising space.

You have to first claim a significant and loyal audience.

Sharon Mundia blog ThisisEss has managed to attract advertisers to her site and so have others such as Bikozulu and Trending.

Some people who live off websites and so can you.

4. Video and Audio Transcription

You can earn some money online in Kenya by converting audio or video content into written content.

You need to be a good listener and have a fast typing speed.

You will also need a good internet connection and a pair of good headsets.

It seems simple and you may already be sold, but you have to work harder to earn decent money.

On a good day, a transcriber can make up to $30. That’s not bad in this day of unemployment. Or is it?

5. Virtual Store

E-commerce is taking root in Kenya.

It is one of the popular ways to make money online in Kenya.

First, establish a gap in the market and do in-depth research.

There are major players such as Jumia, Kilimall, and OLX but there are other upcoming stores.

How do I make money? You get a commission from every transaction that is made in your virtual store.

6. Sell Products/services on Marketplaces

The good news is that if you do not wish to go through the trouble of creating a virtual store, you can always take advantage of established stores.

At least, we can term this as a strategy for making easy money in Kenya.

Just post your products or advertise your services on these sites and wait for customers to get in touch.

You can post your products on OLX anytime and get some cash.

7. Video production

You can produce videos and make money.

You have to create valuable content and have a large and loyal following.

Prominent people who make videos get paid by YouTube.

But this does not come easy since you have to work on promoting yourself and your work.

It will pay in due time. Patience pays in this one.

8. Social media influencers

Become a major player on social media and earn from it.

Some social media influencers know just the right words to use to discuss specific topics.

They have a way with words.

Brands pay such social media bigwigs to promote their products on various social media platforms.

Examples of influential social media personalities are @xtiandela and @wamathai.

Learn the craft and be on your way to earning big bucks.

9. Online Sports betting

Now, before you roll your eyes and start phubbing, listen up.

Online sports betting is one of the answers to the question “How to make money online in Kenya?”

Don’t go apeshit if you have been betting and you have not been lucky, at least there is some evidence to show that some people do win.

There are those who have taken a leap and their fortunes have changed.

See the various betting platforms.

10. Develop apps

This is of course for the tech savvy. You can develop apps and sell them.

Examples of local apps are Mdundo and Ma3Route.

Other ideas include online surveys and trading in Bitcoins.

There you have it.

This should make it easy for you to get a clear idea about how you can earn money online in Kenya.

The online environment is deluged with scammers; hence, you should avoid opportunities that appear suspicious.

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