RAW VIDEO: MP Cecily Mbarire and Senator Lenny Kivuti Almost Exchange Blows in Public

4 years ago

The election is still more than one year away, but it is clear gubernatorial races will be the most heated.

No one seems interested in the senatorial seats or the parliamentary seats. For the past four years, governors have behaved like small presidents, making them the envy of everyone.

In Embu county, MP Cecily Mbarire and Senator Lenny Kivuti have thrown their hats into the ring and will take on current governor Martin Wambora.

Over the weekend, the two attended the same fundraiser, a decision organizers quickly regretted as they almost came to a fistfight.

“Lenny Kivuti, who are you to come abuse me in front of my own people. Are you the one who commands us here?” Cecily interrupted Lenny’s speech as she attempted to grab the microphone.

She made it known to Lenny that he was in her constituency, telling him to give his donation and leave immediately.

Supporters were meanwhile becoming animated forcing police to intervene.

Here’s a clip by Citizen TV.

Source: Nairobi Wire




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