Reasons to use a conference call service than any application group call feature

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Reasons to use a conference call service than any application group call feature

If you have started a business recently, the first thing to come up is to coordinate with the team members. As a startup, you might have so many things to improve, and that’s needed so much collaboration between the team members. You need continuous meetings to get things settled.

You and your team members are not at one place, and you can meet either to gather at one place for every meeting, which can cause time and money or the easier way to communicate through the conference calls.

The same scenario is obtained for a pre-settled business and its growth as well as for the customer dealing. You might be having a project, and your client or partners is a team, or maybe your team is contacting with a client so that everyone could have their relatable points to get the project done.

What is Conference call service?

You have some options in the market to do a conference call. You can use any app that proposes a group call feature or the more business style looking option is to subscribe to a conference call number. The conference call number helps to assign a room for a meeting and provide many striking features to a business person.

The conference call number set up the team members on one number or code to connect at one dial. You also own an account when you subscribe the number to manage the details about your call such as members connected with you.

You can use package or bundle available on your subscription network to manage money and time at once. Just use the dial-in to connect.

What does it provide?

  1. The conference call services provide some standard features like:
  2. Personalized greeting message with your company name to make it more elegant to present.
  3. The conferences are recorded and can be downloadable through the portal
  4. The portal can be managed easily, you can assign space to different departments for the meeting, and they can manage their space.
  5. There is no need for queuing for the meeting space. Simultaneous calls are made to connect people within a group
  6. More importantly, you do not need to travel to meet with all the team members. Everyone will be connected with one call. Any specific hardware is not needed; just a phone is enough.

Why not application group call feature?

The applications that propose the feature of group calling is good enough for smaller teams and to connect internally or within a specific space. The apps are not good for international connections as there are many issues that occur like service quality, time, audio quality, and most importantly, the security.


For a business person, it is important to save time and spend money smartly. A conference call option is good for those who prefer short dial-ins to connect with frequent people. Flower Telecom is a network that provides the above-mentioned feature with privacy guarantee. They propose the best services in a reasonably charged package, and their team members are always ready to help their customers

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