Revealed: The Total Amount Uhuru Spent at That Nyama Choma Joint in Kenyatta Market


    nyamaOn Monday, President Uhuru Kenyatta accompanied by several Nairobi Jubilee leaders descended on ‘Hai Hai Butchery’ in Kenyatta Market, where they enjoyed nyama choma and some soft drinks.

    Details have now emerged on the total amount of money the President and his delegation paid for their time at the local joint.

    According to eDaily, Uhuru ordered 30kgs of meat at a cost of Sh500 per kg. The nyama choma bill amounted to Sh15,000, but they added Sh6000 more for soft drinks.

    The total bill was therefore Sh21,000.

    His delegation was obviously not large enough to feast on 30kgs of choma, leaving most of it to be enjoyed by members of the public.

    According to Patrick Muchiri, an attendant at the butchery, the number of customers doubled soon after the President left, compelling them to double their meat order from 100 to 200kgs.

    Muchiri further said that every customer wants to sit where the President sat during his time there.

    Source: Nairobi Wire