Seve Gats, the China Photoshop Girl, is Back in the Country (Photos)


    After Breaking the internet by editing herself in photos to look like she was in china, Seve Gats real name Seveline Kinya dream came true after Businessman Sam Gichuru financed her dream.

    The girl is back in the country after two weeks in China. She said that it was a dream come true and was glad that someone saw her dream and actually materialized it.

    “I had a wonderful time there and traveled to four different cities and I got to interact with a lot of wonderful people,” said Ms. Kinya said during her first interview on  TV since her return.

    Although she was taunted on social media after her poorly edited photos of her alledged trip to china, Seve kept the dream alive and when the businessman offered to help.


    One of the Photoshop photo of Seve Gat.

    When she arrived in Beijing two weeks ago, she has ferried around in a limousine courtesy of China Investment Company who took care of her while she was there.The company got interested after her photos surfaced on the internet.

    Here are her photos on her way and in China,

    Seve Gat after arriving in China.

    The girl was super exited and said she would love to be in China again.

    Photos: Seve kiya,

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