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Shell Weka Collabo Campaign to Reward Matatu Drivers for Fuel Purchase


Shell Weka Collabo Campaign to Reward Matatu Drivers for Fuel Purchase

In a move to appreciate and reward its loyal consumers, Vivo Energy Kenya, the company that distributes and markets Shell-branded fuels and lubricants in the country has launched an exciting national consumer promotion dubbed “Weka Collabo”.

The 10-week campaign that targets the public commuter system will seek to reward matatu drivers and conductors (collabo) for every purchase of Shell FuelSave Diesel and Shell Rimula across the country.

The Collabo (conductor & driver) will be rewarded on a daily basis with guaranteed airtime vouchers. Whilst two motorbikes will be rewarded every week countrywide. The ultimate reward of this campaign will be a 33-seater Matatu to be won by a collabo.

Shell Weka Collabo Campaign
Shell Weka Collabo Campaign

Speaking at the launch, Vivo Energy Kenya Marketing Manager Mark Senteu said that the promotion was targeted at rewarding the matatu industrious profession, whilst highlighting its overall importance to the Kenyan economic ecosystem.

“Weka Collabo will seek to reward these unique partners who are Matatu drivers and conductors. These individuals embody the Kenyan entrepreneurial spirit through their daily exploits in the transport sector,” said Mr. Senteu.

He added: “We believe that strengthening our commitment and partnership with our loyal consumers who play a crucial role in the public commuting industry will allow us to reap the benefits of the sector, both as individuals and as a country.”

The choice of targeting motorcycles reaffirms the campaign’s approach to support the overall public commuter system by tapping into the booming “Boda Boda” business that has seen youths increasingly venture into business as a source of income.

According to Motorcycle Assembly Association of Kenya (MAAK), In 2019 the ‘Boda Boda’ industry in Kenya will generate an estimate annual turnover of KES 219 billion with individual daily returns of an average KES 1000. Investment in this booming industry has directly resulted in increasing job creation for the youth thus generating additional income for the country.

“Weka Collabo” which loosely translates to ‘Get a partnership” is derived from urban slang that was coined to celebrate the unique relationship and comradery that exists between drivers and conductors in Kenya’s public commuter systems.

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