Six People Dead In Mandela Bus Attack


    Six people were left dead and scores injured after Al-Shabab Militants attacked two  Mandela bound buses.The two buses belonging to Tawakal and E-coach were attacked on their way to Mandela from Mombasa.

    The first bus was able to drive through the ambush but several people were injured.

    according to area County Commissioner Mr. Frederick Shisia, the buses were attacked on Friday morningThe E-coach did not manage to pull out of the attack and stalled due to heavy gunfire. Six people were shot dead on the spot said Mr. Frederick Shisia.

    Similar attacks have been experienced in the past by Al Shabaab Militia the worst being an Attack on another Mandela bus last year which saw 28 people massacred.The County commissioner added that security forces are on a high alert since Al Shabab militant has heightened their activities during this Month of Ramadan.

    Mr.  Shisia said that the injured are being treated at Wargadud Health Centre and urged Wananchi to be more vigilant while traveling to the area due to increased attacks by Al-Shabaab militia during this Holy month of Ramadan.

    A Kenya police reservist was among the injured in the attack.The number of people injured in the attack was not immediately established.

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