Six Tricks To Growing Your Social Media Presence in Kenya


    Social media has taken over; companies and individuals now scrambling to establish themselves as the go-to brands above the huge crowd.

    This can be quite overwhelming and could drive you crazy.

    What with so many of us on the Internet!

    But, social media shouldn’t be a headache, as there are ways you can easily grow your social media presence.

    Here are Six Tricks To Growing Your Social Media Presence: 

    1. Understand how each platform works
    This also means know who your target market is, and which sites they frequently use.

    Millennials love Facebook, serious business connections are mostly on LinkedIn, and a mixture of everyone on Twitter.

    Understand your brand and what your message is, then choose the best platform.

    2. Post Regularly
    Attract your audience could be easy, but to keep them hooked, you need to hook yourself first.

    Think of it this way, you like a store because they stock your favorite snacks. Suddenly they stock the snacks only on Fridays.

    Then suddenly, they don’t stock for a long while. Then they are back, then they are not.

    You will get tired of this Tom and Jerry game and simply switch to getting your favorite snacks from another store.

    The same will happen with your audience. They will leave you if you are not loyal.

    3. Engage Your Audience
    Respond to messages on time, and reply to comments left on your posts.

    This will show people you are not a robot, but a human being behind that screen who can actually see, read, understand and reply to what they are saying.

    Show them you care by engaging them.

    4. Have A Website
    A website provides a platform to pool together everything you are involved in.

    Not only this but provides credibility to the services/products you claim to offer as a brand.

    Get a professionally designed website. This will put you over and above your competitors.

    5. Stick To Your Purpose
    Many times I have been invited to like a Facebook page, only to later see a notification that the particular page changed their name to a totally different product/service.

    The new business is not what your audience initially subscribed to.

    This gives the impression of you not being trustable, grounded and reliable person.

    6. Do More Everyday
    Monitor your social media response and discern what works and what doesn’t.

    Create new strategies, set new goals. Engage people more, sometimes even put out trivia questions for them.

    Use different types of media, from texts to images to videos.

    Get better and more creative every day.

    Most important, stay genuine and true to your cause.

    People are attracted by amazing posts but will stay because you stayed at it.

    The buck at the end of the day falls on you.

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