This is what went down at Size 8 suprise birthday party at Dusitd2 Hotel(Photos)


    Dj Mo threw Size 8 suprise birthday Party to the love of his life size 8.The celebrated DJ planed and eventually executed the birthday plans without letting his wife size 8 know.

    on his Facebook page Dj Mo wrote a sensational and heart touching message to his wife.The message below touched many of her fans as they celebrated her birthday with her.

    I have learnt a lot from you ,you have been there for me and you love for God really brightens me up – Today as we celebrate your birthday I wanna let you know that you mean a lot to me and there is no exact word that I can use to explain how awesome you are to me – Love you Linet ,though it has not been easy for you to keep up with my craziness you have been a great wife and mum to our wonderful and beautiful Daughter – HAPPY BIRTHDAY. (courtesy DJ Mo Facebook)

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    Fans, friends and other celebrities sent her Size 8 surprise birthday wishes with DJ Mo also writing a beautiful birthday message to the love of his life. DJ Mo surprised her with a limo Ride from Ridgeways Mall to Nation center where dancers and the System Unit family were waiting for her.

    There was a suprise Limo ride too.

    Size 8 arrives in style to her birthday accompanied by friends and family.It was all glamour and pomp.


    Wishing Size 8 a Happy belated Birthday!!


    (Photos – Courtesy)

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