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Skyward Express Introduces Mombasa-Lamu Flights


You can now take daily flights from Mombasa to Lamu courtesy of Skyward Express. Starting March 31, 2017, you can take morning and afternoon flights.

Skyward has a base at the Wilson Airport and it handles cargo, charter and scheduled passenger flights with the Dash 8 and Fokker 50-Seater aircrafts. If you are traveling from Wilson Airport Nairobi you will travel to Lamu via Mombasa.

The carrier also operates in Eldoret, Wajir, Malindi, and Lodwar. That’s excellent news because it must irk to think about a bus ride to some of these destinations.

Skyward is not the only player in this niche. Safarilink has earned a name for itself in the local scene since it started its operations in 2004.

The carrier also operates from the Wilson Airport and covers over ten destinations in the country with Lamu being a top destination.

Wilson Airport is slowly gaining traction as a domestic carrier. This may spell trouble for JKIA but we can only wait to see how things will turn out.

Schedules for Skyward Mombasa-Lamu Flights:

Take off Landing
Wilson 0900hrs Mombasa 1000hrs
Mombasa  1030hrs Lamu 1100hrs
Lamu 1130hrs Mombasa 1200hrs
Mombasa 1230hrs Wilson 1330hrs

Afternoon flight schedules are as follows:

Take off Landing
Wilson-Nairobi 1500hrs Mombasa 1600hrs
Mombasa 1630hrs Wilson 1730hrs

I am pretty sure by now you are scrolling to see the fare guide.

Skyward Mombasa-Lamu Flight Prices

Wilson to Mombasa Ksh. 6,500
Wilson to Lamu Ksh. 8,800
Mombasa to Lamu Ksh. 5,500


This compares to Safarilink rates since a direct trip from Wilson Airport Nairobi to Lamu is Ksh. 15, 598. That’s for the reduced economy package. The total cost with Skyward from Nairobi-Wilson to Lamu via Mombasa is Ksh. 15,300. The difference is negligible.

KQ is Kenya’s biggest carrier but it has been rocked with troubles over the past several years; hence, it is good to see significant progress in the industry.

While the carrier may benefit from the Category One Status awarded to JKIA, the current financial troubles cannot be attributed to lack of direct flights to the United States. This means that the carrier has to do more to regain its past glory.

The industry is however in a better place since other carriers have continued to gain traction. Jambojet came to save the common man since it offers cheap flights. Those who could not afford KQ were happy that the carrier introduced a cheaper option.

Skyward has identified a good market niche; hence, this is likely to be a rewarding addition.

You can book the flights online by visiting their website.

Booking is easy as there is a booking portal in the homepage.

You can contact Skyward via any of the below emails:

  • reservations@skywardexpress.co.ke
  • eldoretbookings@skywardexpress.co.ke
  • mombasabookings@skywardexpress.co.ke
  • lamubookings@skywardexpress.co.ke

Or call:

Cell: 0709584500, 0709584501, 0734584501

Or get in touch via social media:

Go to Facebook

Go to Twitter

Here at Trending, we wish travelers safe and happy landings once the Lamu-Mombasa flights commence. We will be waiting for those flight stories. Cheers!

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