This week in tech: StarTimes to broadcast 2018 FIFA World Cup and more weekly tech trends


    Jubilee and Nasa decided that this week was going to be remembered for theatrics and stunts but the tech world did not stop spinning.

    Here is a roundup of top weekly tech trends:

    1. StarTimes Acquires transmission rights for 2018 FIFA World Cup

    This one was big.

    StarTimes Media was awarded media rights to air the 2018 FIFA World Cup in addition to other FIFA events.

    It has also been issued with transmission rights for all other 2017-2018 FIFA tournaments.

    This translates into a wide coverage for FIFA and definitely increase the popularity of StarTimes as a pay-TV service provider.

    2. The Facebook Developer Conference F8

    Facebook’s annual global developer conference was held in Mcenery Convention Center San Jose from April 18th and 19th, 2017.

    This year’s session featured a wide range of topics across the Facebook family of products.

    An example of the announcements is the improvements made to Messenger.

    These include discover tab, chat extensions, a rich gameplay, and much more.

    3. MasterCard to add a Fingerprint sensor to payment cards

    MasterCard has announced that it will embed a fingerprint sensor to its credit cards.

    The objective is to reduce in-store fraud.

    At the moment, this technology is undergoing trials in South Africa and more trials are expected to be conducted before they can be released into the market.

    This technology is expected to make PIN and passwords obsolete.

    4. OPPO A57 now in Kenya

    The “Unstoppable Selfie” smartphone can be bought locally at Ksh. 24,000.

    The selfie-centric camera promises to bring you a premium photography experience with its 16MP selfie camera.

    To all selfie lovers, this handset is just right for you.

    5. LinkedIn revises its terms of service

    This week, LinkedIn announced that it will be updating terms of service including privacy policy and user agreement.

    The professional social platform will shorten and reorganize its privacy policy to make it easier for LinkedIn members to understand.

    The new updates mean increased visibility of your LinkedIn profile, easily shareable accomplishments with people within your network, productivity bots and tools that will help improve communication, and easy connection with other members.

    6. Experienced the improved Google Earth yet?

    This one will definitely feed your wanderlust and blow your mind while at it.

    Voyager has been introduced and it allows you explore anywhere while sitting in your small office cubicle.

    If you have never been to New York, for instance, Voyager will let you hop around the mega city as though you are on a visit.

    Similar tours to museums and other historical locations from around the world can also be captured.

    Also, if you long for a less-urban experience, you will be taken to a park in Tanzania where you will view animals and get a little history.

    There you are your weekly tech trends. We can now enjoy our weekend given that it has been a crazy week; one that we would all like to forget.

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