Tecno Camon Manchester City Edition Unveiled


    Tecno Camon Manchester City Edition is the latest kid on the block.

    The handset was released to celebrate Tecno Mobile’s partnership with Manchester City.

    Perhaps, the duo may explain the buzz and high anticipation.

    Those of us who are behind Man City tea should know that Tecno is the official mobile partner of the Manchester United football club.

    The launch comes a month after Camon CX which was launched towards the end of March. CX is the current camera-centric smartphone from Tecno.

    Camon CX and Camon Manchester City Edition share a lot in common. But, they also differ with regard to RAM, storage, and, of course, price tag.

    Nevertheless, the Manchester Edition comes with just a few improved specifications.

    Plus, the Manchester logo makes a lot of difference.

    Tecno Camon Manchester City Edition Specifications:

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    Specifications and Price Review

    I think we can all agree that Manchester City Edition is a gorgeous handset. The City Blue color was definitely a risk worth taking.

    The aluminum back cover featuring two stripes at the top and the bottom adds to the visual appeal.

    The Ksh. 31,000 price tag is a bit high and definitely not even within the range of other good mid-range handsets by Tecno, Camon C9 Plus is a great example.

    The 16MP rear and front facing camera sound like a great deal.

    Chances that it will disappoint are low.

    The smartphone comes with dual cameras with 4-in-1 denoising technology. What this means is that the SNR or signal-to-noise capability is much higher than that of the average smartphone.

    Tecno says that you can activate a 120 wide-angle for an awesome group selfie.

    Plus, the not many mid-range handsets come with such high pixels.

    The 4GB RAM promises not to interfere with your multitasking. You can launch your favorite apps all at once without any lags.

    Man City fans may find the Manchester logo exciting. If you are one, you will also find the customized Man City interface awesome. Also, the icons reflect key elements of the football club.

    Still on the branded features, customers will enjoy free packs including a Manchester City branded selfie sticks, water bottle, and Bluetooth speakers.

    The fingerprint sensor is mounted on the back and apart from acting as security tool it also serves the role of a snap button.


    Since Tecno Camon Manchester City Edition is a limited edition, Tecno has announced that they will only produce 5,000 units.

    If you are in Kenya and hope to buy this handset, you are in luck because Tecno has confirmed that it will be available in Kenya.

    The handset will also be available in other African nations. These are Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, and Tanzania.

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